Lauren Tallman


Lauren Tallman lived in six cities, in four countries.

She was arrested in New York for protesting against an intolerable situation.

She rode camels in the desert.

Lauren acted as a go-between with a Russian anti-KBG agent and an Israeli counterpart.

She speaks three languages fluently and knows enough of a fourth to get her in trouble.

Lauren Tallman is an author.

She wouldn’t change a single thing that happened in her life.

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An Erotic Writers Group online? Yes there is!

The Erotic Writers Group meets every third Tuesday of the month

Who comes to the meetings? Wonderful writers and true lovers of the genre who express themselves with sensitivity, sensuality, and sexuality.

Since 2014, writers have become the steady group each month. Some first-timers come with a chaperone, who watches over their partner as if in fear of losing them to a den of iniquity.  Some writers arrive thinking, well, not knowing what to think! Will there be an orgy or at least a beer? Only after the writers (and chaperons) realize that this is a serious group, they are satisfied that the Erotic Writers Group is a real forum for serious writers celebrating erotic literature.


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