Lauren Tallman’s ground-breaking book, How To Have An Affair And Not Get Caught, provides readers with real answers that work. Tallman says you’ll “learn how to significantly and almost entirely reduce your chances of getting caught."

While Tallman does not advocate having affairs, she does want to ensure that if you do choose to stray, your family won’t get hurt.

That’s why she’s compiled true stories and invaluable tips in her book including:

  • Planning an affair without sacrificing spontaneity
  • Turning your grocery shopping time into your sexual salvation
  • Making it look like you’ve been home for hours, even though you just slipped in moments before your spouse
  • Finding places to meet that offer optimum security and sanctuary
  • Turning your gym membership into your best alibi
  • What to say when your partner asks about your new sexy underwear
  • When to KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid - and when to shut up!!!

Tallman’s manifesto endorses staying committed to your primary relationship and even recommends pouring all your energy into having an affair with your own partner. But, if you choose to have an extra-marital affair, Tallman wants to ensure your actions protect your first priority, your family.