About Lauren

Lauren Tallman lived in six cities, in four countries.

She was arrested in New York for protesting against an intolerable situation.

She rode camels in the desert.

Lauren acted as go-between with a Russian anti-KBG agent and an Israeli counterpart.

She speaks three languages fluently and knows enough of a fourth to get her in trouble.

Lauren Tallman is an author.

She wouldn’t change a single thing that happened in her life.

Currently a resident of Las Vegas, author Lauren Tallman has an international background. Born in Lithuania, came to America via Italy, resided in Israel for thirty years, and landed in Las Vegas a decade ago.

Lauren founded the Erotic Writers group in Las Vegas six year ago and is presently on the Board of the Henderson Writers Group.

Her book How To Have An Affair And Not Get Caught has gone worldwide. She still has time to lecture about keeping affairs secret, while speaking on Playboy radio and various radio stations.

Lauren is currently re-launching her affair book, while launching the erotic Harem of the Dragon, and working on an upcoming erotic novel The Erotic Tales of Renni.

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