Lauren Tallman heads The Erotic Writers Group

Lauren Tallman heads The Erotic Writers Group. I love her because she emails helpful tutorials to help writers to be better writers. She is interested in my being a huge success as a writer who only cares for my comfort; happiness as a writer; and the income possibilities for me as a writer. She cares. That counts. Signed Nancy Dick, author
Lauren Tallman who is the head of The Erotic Writers Group. She understand that writing an erotic literary work can give an author a spectacular future. She is always encouraging regular submissions not only to have things to read during the meetings but, to help authors to find their voice as an author and create books and income from working so hard. Her group is a wonderful experience for anyone who wants to do more than dabble at a hobby (not that there’s anything wrong in that) but, for those who want this as a good profession. Signed: Nancy Dick, author of Amanda Goes to Las Vegas, a romance novel
PS: I like the second one the best but, you can use both! Email me something when you have your website done so I can see all the new things in it. LOL once again.

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